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Scratches and paintwork imperfections can make your vehicle look worn and dated. Trying to fix and remove them require professional quality compounds that are compatible with the existing and new paintwork to provide you with a professional looking flawless finish. This is where Far?cla come in ? with their range of polish and smoothing compounds, waxes and equipment you can be sure that you will achieve excellent results.

The Far?cla?s G-Mop Advanced Compounding Foams are designed to increase the effectiveness whilst reducing the effort of applying Far?cla professional products to car surfaces. Their unique surface minimises wastage and ensures you get the ultimate finish in the shortest time. The pack contains x1 polishing foams.

Far?cla are the No.1 choice for body shops around the world. Technically advanced formulas developed alongside paint and lacquer manufacturers make them safe and effective for all paint types.