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Solvents are liquids, which are volatile in nature, these adjust the viscosity or dissolve the resin component in paints. They also help attain the desired consistency that is needed for the application of the paint and make it easier to clean and separate materials.

The evaporation rate of the solvents matters a lot as a higher rate would guarantee a faster drying process in the application environment. Additionally, a good solvent should have the following qualities; nontoxic, less costly and must have a tolerable odour.

The Role of Solvents in Industrial Automotive Painting

Solvents play a very vital role in Industrial Automotive Painting. They are widely used chemicals that are incorporated in numerous processes like painting and coating to the point that they are inseparable from the overall process.

Solvents hold such significance in industrial Automotive Painting because they guarantee a fine finish with a consistent coating free of any lumps, enhancing the visual appeal tenfold. A great example is Mineral Spirits as they are efficient at thinning oil-based paints and are residual-free.

Apart from the aesthetic benefits, solvents also help with the maintenance factors of the car. They improve durability, cleaning, restoration of paint and polishing of cars.

Solvents like acetone help with the greasing of metal structures improving the overall functionality. Xylenes are best to have a protective and hard coverage as they require more drying time and thus, help with durability in the long run.

Types of Solvents

The type of solvent utilized would decide the maximum or minimum results. The better the solubility characteristics of a particular solvent in line with a given formula or paint or coating, the better the results. The most common solvents include; Hydrocarbon solvents, Ketones, Esters, Ethers, Alcohols, etc.

The best solvents for the rapid drying process are Hydrocarbon solvents as they have a low flashing point giving quicker results. For oil-based products, Minerals and White based solvents are the best options.

When it comes to industrial solvents, Naphtha solvents, primarily made from C9, C10 and C10-C13 aromatic compounds, extracted from petroleum, are a perfect choice.

The factor that makes them more suitable is that they are highly dissolvable in comparison to other solvents. For oil-based systems, Spirits of Turpentine are used. These are extracted from the distillation of tree resins.

The type of solvent best suited for your car can be easily determined with the help of professionals.

It is always best to opt for a professional as these solvents have fumes that can be severely hazardous to health. We at FT Paints can help you choose the best for your car with the help of the most compatible minds in the industry.